Men, make your marriage better now

Men, you don’t have to wait around for the next marriage conference or counseling appointment to improve your relationship with your wife.

Definitely sign up for that next marriage conference. Everyone can benefit from marriage counseling, too. But a better marriage doesn’t have to hinge on an appointment or event. 

10 Ways Men Can Improve Their Marriages Right Now

1. Prioritize ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes.’

Be intentional about how you say ‘goodbye’ when you’re leaving for work. Do the same when you return and see each other for the first time. Let her know you’re excited to see her and spend a few minutes catching up.

2. Take walks together.

Sometimes the best thing for your marriage is a long walk. You don’t even have to talk a lot.

3. Ask questions.

To know your wife you have to ask questions. Think about some questions you can ask that will result in more than just small talk.

4. Plan a date.

When people talk about ‘being intentional,’ they just mean make a plan. Plan a date that has a beginning, middle, and end. It’s really not a date if it’s not intentional. Show your spouse she’s valuable by putting in the time to plan. 

5. Say ‘yes.’

Stop saying ‘no’ so much. If she wants to go to that place or watch that show or eat at that restaurant or whatever, why do you have to be such a stick in the mud and say ‘no’ all the time? Get off the couch and go with her.

6.  Do the dishes.

Wash some clothes. Thinking certain chores around the house are gender-specific will lead to unnecessary conflict. If you wanted a washer-woman, you should have hired a maid. Communicate to her that her value goes beyond her ability to clean up after you.

7. Be on time.

Don’t expect her to be. In this relationship, the man establishes what trust should look like. You show her you are trustworthy by calling when you’ll be more than five minutes late. If someone asks your wife where you are, she should never have to say, “I don’t know.” On the other hand, you model trust in the relationship by not demanding to know where your wife is every second of the day. If she’s late, she probably had a good reason.

8. Tell her she’s beautiful.

Are you assuming she knows you find her attractive because you want to have sex all the time?

9.  Call her for no reason.

No-strings-attached calls tell her that you don’t just need her, you genuinely like her. Your desire to speak to her isn’t just about your needs, but her company. 

10. Read your Bible.

When you read your Bible you have a better chance at becoming the spiritual leader your marriage needs for success.

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