3 ways to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day

Crystal Cox

Americans are expected to spend more than $23.6 billion celebrating Mother’s Day this year. The average American is expected to spend $186, according to the National Retail Federation.

So clearly, we are remembering our mothers. Yet, each year I am faced with the same question: What should I get my mama for Mother’s Day? How do I show my love? Sometimes, to be quite honest, I get stuck. So this year I reflect: What do I want for Mother’s Day? What makes me feel special?

If you’re stuck, too, here are three things most moms would love for you to do:

1. Relieve her of her duties.

I’m a wife, mother of two, human puppy mama, daughter, granddaughter, friend, and teacher. Like all mothers, I’m busy. Busy transporting kids, cleaning messes, giving advice, lending a hand, working a job, doing laundry, and attending meetings and events.

Nothing says, “I love you,” like walking into the house and finding my husband has already cleaned it. I love when my son or daughter does chores without being asked. This Mother’s Day, relieve mom of her usual to-do’s by making it your responsibility. Plan the meal. Do the laundry. Help her catch up on something for work. Galatians 5:13 says, “through love serve one another.” Honor your mom by serving her this Mother’s Day.

2. Reassure her with your words.

In fourth grade, my son wrote a poem.

    Mama’s eyes are so bright and blue they are almost blinding.

     Her hugs are so warm they can light a fire.

    Her kisses are so soft and warm I think it’s the sun.

    Mama’s cooking is so delicious that I think I’m in food heaven.

I used to wonder why my mama said something homemade meant more than something bought, but now I understand. Hearing how my family feels about me is the best present. God teaches to, “honor your father and your mother” (Exodus 20:12). Honor your mom with your words this Mother’s Day.

3. Remember something she loves.

Whether it’s a special piece of jewelry she’s had her eye on or her favorite snacks, a thoughtful gift reminds your mom of how well you know her and that you’re thinking of her. What does your mom love? Be creative.

One year for Mother’s Day, my husband surprised me with framed pictures of me and my son. The pictures were taken during a day together in the mountains. My husband knew I would love looking at those pictures and remembering an awesome day. Jesus gave. Love gives. Philippians 2:4 reminds, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Honor your mom by remembering what she loves on Mother’s Day.

Make this Mother’s Day special for your mom and think about how you can hit one or all of these three Rs — giving her some relief and reassurance, and showing her you remembered.

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