Building Significance

Brad Cooper's message, "Building Significance," in 140 characters or less. 

  1. What the enemy meant for evil, the Lord will use for good. #BuiltToLast
  2. God has a plan, but we have a part. #BuiltToLast
  3. Our desire to see God’s plan has to be dressed in discipline. #BuiltToLast
  4. Nothing lasts by accident, and nothing lasting is built alone. It takes purpose, design, and process. #BuiltToLast 
  5. God isn’t waiting for you to change before He will love you. #BuiltToLast 
  6. If you’re going to build a life that lasts, it will cost you something. #BuiltToLast
  7. God has a plan. We have a part. He invites us into the process. #BuiltToLast
  8. Jesus loves us enough to bring the storm so you can know what your foundation is built upon. #BuiltToLast 
  9. Storms reveal the foundation of your faith. #BuiltToLast 
  10. God’s Word is our fixed point of reference. #BuiltToLast  

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