Can I be a Christian and continue to struggle with the same sin?

A recap from Perry Noble's sermon “Can I Be a Christian and Continue to Struggle with the Same Sin?” in 140 characters or less:

  1. If you’re a Christian, somewhere in you is a desire to do right. #YouAskedForIt
  2. If there is no struggle, there is probably no salvation. #YouAskedForIt
  3. It’s OK to not be OK, but it’s not OK to stay that way. #YouAskedForIt
  4. There is no escape from the power of sin apart from the person of Jesus Christ!#YouAskedForIt
  5. Three steps to freedom: 1) Call it a sin 2) Confess it to God 3) Confess it to others #YouAskedForIt
  6. What we’re struggling with does not have to define us. #YouAskedForIt
  7. Until we see sin as something serious, we will not be serious about getting it out of our lives! #YouAskedForIt
  8. Confession of sin has nothing to do with information and everything to do with transformation. #YouAskedForIt
  9. When I tell God, “This is sin,” I’m agreeing with Him that “this” is wrong. #YouAskedForIt
  10. If you let people define you, they will confine you to the life you’re living right now. #YouAskedForIt

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