How to win with your money

Clayton's message, "How to Win With Your Money," in 140 characters or less. 

  1. We need to see wealth through the window of God’s Word. #BuiltToLast
  2. When you view money God’s way, you move from money owner to money manager. #BuiltToLast
  3. You’ll never build a life that lasts if your attitude towards money is “it’s mine and I can do what I want with it.” #BuiltToLast
  4. When it comes to money, you are not in a race with anyone else. #BuiltToLast
  5. God doesn’t want to take something from you, He wants something for you. #BuiltToLast
  6. The church isn’t after your money; God is after your heart. #BuiltToLast
  7. It all belongs to God and we’re just temporary managers. #BuiltToLast
  8. When it comes to money, the fixed point of reference is the Bible. #BuiltToLast
  9. God gives His resources to share with His children. #BuiltToLast
  10. Net worth ≠ self-worth #BuiltToLast

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