I Am the True Vine

A recap of Brad Cooper’s sermon, “I Am the True Vine,” in 140 characters or less.

  1. To abide is to remain, to connect, to dwell, to cling, to live with. #WhoIsJesus
  2. If you abide, you will live. #WhoIsJesus
  3. If you abide, you will grow. #WhoIsJesus
  4. If you abide, you will bear fruit. #WhoIsJesus
  5. If you'll take care of Jesus' reputation in your world, He'll take care of your reputation in His. #WhoIsJesus 
  6. With Jesus you’re not going to stay the same. #WhoIsJesus
  7. The only thing that matters in the end is if we are connected to Jesus. #WhoIsJesus
  8. Jesus is bigger than death. #WhoIsJesus
  9. We sing about the truths of Jesus to put facts in our hearts. #WhoIsJesus
  10. Feelings are a great motivator, but make a really bad driver.  #WhoIsJesus

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