Retirement is a myth

Many of us anticipate the day we can enjoy the spoils of decades working for the man. We’ve put money away in 401Ks and retirement packages so we can spend our later years taking it easy.

It’s easy to assume we deserve a life of leisure after working so hard for so long. But just because our careers end doesn’t mean God doesn’t have more for us to do.

Why We Work

Christians never retire because God is always at work (John 5:17). We may not see what He’s doing, but there’s always another person to reach, another life to change.

The point of work isn’t just to earn a living. Don’t confuse purpose with a paycheck. Money isn’t the goal of work; faithfulness is. We work because God’s been faithful to provide for us. He invites us to work with Him to make the world a better place by changing more lives.

Why Your Retirement Plans Are Not Yours

Our lives should never be stagnant. If we aren’t working on something, we’re not contributing to society the way God designed us to. Your purpose doesn’t stop when your career does.

We each have talents and when we hold back those abilities, we’re failing to provide something meaningful to the people around us. It doesn’t even have to look like typical work does. What matters is that you work with all your passions and energy, and you recognize the only person you’re working for is Jesus (Colossians 3:23-24).

We may stop clocking into a job, but we never stop working for the Lord. Retirement is not an excuse for laziness, but an opportunity to do more than we could before.

Volunteer more. Spend more time with your family. Consider how you might contribute to your local church. There are always more opportunities to serve rather than be served because we follow Jesus, who set the example as a servant (Mark 10:45).

Need help discovering your next step serving God?  Find serving opportunities at NewSpring and in the community.

Your career may be over, but God’s not done with you.

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