Running out of good summer reads? Try these

Looking for something new to take to the beach or the pool in these last few weeks of summer? Check out this list of some of our campus pastors' favorite books on discipleship and the Bible. 

“Soul Keeping” by Jon Ortberg

We all want to have a great life. In pursuing that many of us, myself included, get caught in the trap that external circumstances are the problem. Soul Keeping reminds you that the key to a great life is about what is going on inside your soul internally. This book helps you shape a life that is not dictated by circumstances but a life that is contagious to those around you.

- Sam Gibson, Florence Campus Pastor

This book is one you’ll keep going back to year after year. It helps you realize that the key to a full life and healthy life is what’s going on inside of you, not what’s going on outside of you. This book will show you the keys to staying healthy and help you realize the importance of your character and your relationship with Jesus.
- Matt Alley, Greenwood Campus Pastor 

This book helped shaped the way I live my day to day life. It helped me to slow down and focus on the things of God that actually matter  — instead of focusing on the demands of everyday life. 

- David Hall, Spartanburg Campus Pastor 

 “Frequency” by Robert Morris

Everyone struggles with hearing God’s voice at times. This helps you discover how to hear God’s voice and how to really tune in even more. We are created by God to be in a relationship with Him, but often we don't know how to communicate with Him in order to strengthen that relationship. Communication is key in any relationship, and this book will help you learn how to communicate with God and how He communicates with us. Hearing God’s voice is the most life-giving thing for anyone walking with Jesus. You really can hear His voice in your life, too!

- Sam Gibson, Florence Campus Pastor

“Think Differently, Live Differently” by Bob Hamp

Do you know how God designed you? What His original plan was for creation? This book will give you a great understanding of how God designed you to live. It helps you discover thought patterns that are unhealthy and leads you to a new way of thinking and living in freedom. This is one of the most transformative books I have read in many years. There is a pathway to living a life of freedom the way God designed you to live!

- Sam Gibson, Florence Campus Pastor

This book has helped me walk in more freedom because it has transformed the way I think and that has impacted the way that I live. This book helped give me a great perspective on why God created us, what He created me for, and why He sent Jesus for us. It will allow you to see that the only way to truly live in freedom is for God to be your source for everything instead of yourself, other people, or things being your source!

- Matt Alley, Greenwood Campus Pastor

“Spiritual Leadership” by J. Oswald Sanders

It’s a very practical, easy-to-read view of biblical leadership principles. It has personally stretched my understanding of the importance of a leader’s character and dependence on God in leadership.

- David Nasim, Greenville Campus Pastor

“Simplify” by Bill Hybels

This book was practical and helped me take practical steps to stay healthy! It teaches you how to stay energized, how to control your schedule, how to master your finances, and so many other practical things that will help you live a life that is healthier spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

- Matt Alley, Greenwood Campus Pastor

“The Barbarian Way” by Erwin Raphael McManus

This book really opened my eyes to the radical side of following Jesus. Nothing about giving your life to Jesus and building His church is safe or easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding and full. This book is an easy read and will open your eyes to life beyond the religious safe zone. Jesus created us and called us to so much more. 

- Robbie Green, Northeast Columbia Campus Pastor

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