Spiritual Warfare Toolkit

Gear up for our “Spiritual Warfare” series. We’ve collected a few things to equip you to get the most out of our Sunday teaching + help you disciple others.

Explore the topic

Top Resources on Spiritual Warfare [NewSpring articles]

Spiritual Warfare [Most recent NewSpring sermon series]

Hear No Evil [Past NewSpring sermon series]

The Invisible War: What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare” by Chip Ingram. [Book]

Take a devotional journey

Finding Freedom From Sin and Shame [NewSpring 7-day devotional study]

The Enemy at Your Table [NewSpring 5-day devotional study]

Engage your group

Spiritual warfare video playlist [RightNowMedia| Get your free RightNowMedia account ]

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As For Me

family identity faith spiritual warfare

Our houses are more than a place to eat, sleep, spend time with people we love. Our homes are God’s vehicle t... read more

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No More Fear

freedom anxiety identity fear spiritual warfare

Many students are burdened by fears and anxieties. In this message, guest speaker Jabin Chavez explains that ... read more

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True Value

freedom identity spiritual warfare

In our culture, students are bombarded daily, in social media and everywhere they go, with a "fake value" sys... read more

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The Tale of Two Fathers

family fatherhood spiritual warfare

Who is the father you’re listening to? Is it God, the Father of love? Or is it Satan, the father of lies? In ... read more

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Spiritual Armor

satan jesus faith spiritual warfare

You’re not imagining things. The enemy is always at work behind the scenes to steal, kill, and destroy the li... read more

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Framing the Fight

victory following jesus spiritual warfare

Spiritual warfare is a battle we can’t avoid, but the only way to lose is to refuse to fight. In this message... read more

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How to get past the doubts that hold you back

bible promises spiritual warfare

Ever had a dream in your heart but talked yourself out of going after it? Maybe your thoughts sound something... read more

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Top resources on spiritual warfare

spiritual warfare

Heaven and hell, angels and demons — these things are real. That statement isn’t meant to scare us, but to ma... read more

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Seven truths to fight accusation

truth condemnation shame spiritual warfare

Satan would love nothing more than to bombard you with lies, guilt, and shame, and to steal your identity. Fo... read more

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