The Best Is Yet To Come

A recap of Brad Cooper’s sermon, “The Best Is Yet To Come,” in 140 characters or less.

  1. We don’t know God’s thoughts or His ways, but He is with us through every high and low. #TheseAreMyPeople
  2. God can take any situation and use it for good. #TheseAreMyPeople
  3. Even through difficult times, Jesus will build His Church and bring hope to more people. #TheseAreMyPeople
  4. We’ll make it further together than we can on our own. #TheseAreMyPeople
  5. Jesus is the one who meets with imperfect people and changes their lives. #TheseAreMyPeople
  6. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, Jesus can change your life. #TheseAreMyPeople
  7. The power of God can heal addictions and restore broken marriages. #TheseAreMyPeople
  8. Community is about connecting with others and helping others connect with God. #TheseAreMyPeople
  9. When we listen to Jesus and do what He says, He moves us from death to life and walks with us through every change. #TheseAreMyPeople
  10. God is in the business of bringing new things out of impossible situations. #TheseAreMyPeople

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