Top resources on abortion

We all need grace and forgiveness. If you or someone you know is considering abortion, the best thing you can do is prayerfully consider your next steps and seek wise counsel.

If you’ve had an abortion in the past, you don’t have to carry the weight of that decision forever. Read the articles and stories below to learn how God can set you free from the past and give you hope for the future.

Our Best Resources on Abortion

1. What I wish I'd heard from the church after having an abortion [article]

We all feel the weight of the sins and secrets that we carry, but forgiveness is possible and available for everyone, including you.

2. Total Forgiveness [story]

In this video, Trish speaks about how she struggled to find forgiveness for an abortion only to see Jesus reach out to her in her pain in an unmistakable way.

3. Breaking Free [story]

Although her church attendance was regular, she was never taught what it meant to be saved. At 13, Katie's parents got divorced and her reality and the idea of who she thought she was, was flipped upside down. In this video, Katie passionately shares her story of the broken life of chasing false comfort in boys, drugs, and the pain of abortion.

4. Abortions, rape, and wrecked relationships no longer define me [story]

College spelled a brutal end to Becca’s carefree life. It was a vicious cycle that only made her feel more empty, more worthless, more broken. At the bottom of a pit of rape, multiple abortions, and a failed suicide attempt, she realized there was more to life.

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