What’s a woman to do?

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get it all right? That you should be able to do it all, be it all and have it all? Maybe if I were just a little taller, a little skinnier, or had a bigger house or smarter kids? The list never ends. 

Thankfully, the Lord never calls us to the unattainable standard of perfection we sometimes expect from ourselves. Whether you’re balancing work, school, marriage, singleness, kids or just life — the Bible offers timeless wisdom that can lead us to a more peaceful home and heart.

Biblical Answers to 5 Common Struggles Women Face 

1. The comparison trap

Ever compare yourself to other people? Thank you, Hollywood for creating an unattainable and cosmetically enhanced definition of beauty. So often when we look in the mirror all we see are the imperfections and none of the “fearfully wonderfully made” person God created. You are His beautifully crafted masterpiece. Take a moment and read Psalm 139:13-15. Now believe it!

2. Got anxiety?   

Check out Philippians 4:6-7. This scripture is powerful. When you find yourself tossing, turning, and overwhelmed with anxiety think about this passage. Don’t worry. Pray. Be thankful, and peace will come. You seriously have to try this next time fear and anxious thoughts creep into your mind. Transforming your problem into a prayer, infused with thankfulness will bring about amazing heart change. Try it. It really works.

3. Trading good for great

God, you know how busy I am, maybe we can hang out tomorrow.

The more chaotic your life is, the more critical it is to carve out time to be with the Lord. Matthew 6:33 says that when we seek His kingdom first and His righteousness, He’ll take care of the other things; the things that stress us out every day, like what we will eat, drink and wear. Maybe you could use a little margin in your life right now. Consider asking this bold and revealing question, "God, is there anything cluttering up my life?" Maybe it's debilitating debt, or an out-of-control schedule. Whatever it is, allow Jesus to speak His truth to you. Giving up some good things — like activities or possessions — can make room for something great, like a peaceful heart.

4. An inability to chill out

Read Exodus 20:8-11. Rest? But, doesn’t slowing down that mean I’m lazy and unproductive? Believing that convincing lie from the enemy will surely leave you frustrated and fatigued. God was clear when He spelled out His prescription for rest. So clear that the day of rest idea made it into God's top 10. Exodus 31:17 says, “...in six days the Lord made the heavens and earth, and on the seventh He abstained from work and rested.” If it was good enough for the Creator of the universe, certainly the concept (commandment) is attainable for us. This is another one you just have to try to believe.

5. Understanding there's a time for everything

Ecclesiastes 3 is a beautiful reminder that God’s plans include “a time for every purpose under heaven.”  It’s comforting to know that He provides all the time, energy, and gifts we need to accomplish His purposes every day.

Take some time to pray today: Lord, thank You for creating me just the way You wanted me. I’m grateful for the confidence that comes along with being a daughter of the King!

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