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Where to find peace in a storm

From 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Guide

Call to Prayer

In Mark 5, Jesus performed some of His greatest miracles — but not before He and His disciples encountered a violent storm crossing a lake. 

The disciples’ fear of perishing was greater than their confidence in Jesus’ presence. They panicked, but Jesus commanded the storm to be still and it obeyed. Nothing could sway Jesus’ plans.

Often, miracles come on the other side of a storm. As you continue to pray and fast, may you feel Jesus’ presence with you. May you be filled with confidence and peace, knowing that He is your protector and the good shepherd who cares for you.

Today’s Scripture

Mark 4:35-41

Ways to Pray

  • Ask God for the comfort, peace, and protection that can only come from His presence.
  • Cast your anxiety on Jesus. Tell the Lord that you trust Him, even in the storm. 
  • Ask God to teach you something specific through this time of fasting. What is He calling you into? What does He want to do for you?

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