Session 47

Are you tired of waiting?

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional


Genesis 8

Imagine you have been on a long road trip. You’ve been in the car with your entire family and even your dog, Gizmo. Imagine you’ve encountered storms and winds and flat tires and breakdowns and blow-ups and all kinds of crazy stuff, and you haven’t seen a rest area or restaurant in hundreds of miles.

Now imagine you finally get to your destination, and your dad says, “OK, we’re just going to sit in the car for a few more days and wait until I feel like it is time to get out.”

That would be crazy!

That’s exactly what we see in Genesis 8, though. Except instead of it being a road trip, it’s a boat trip — or rather an ark trip — and the trip is happening because God has flooded the entire Earth and everything in it. Only Noah, his family, and the animals they brought with them are spared.

After the flood ends, God does not allow them to get off the boat immediately. He tells them to wait. Waiting is hard. But waiting is not without purpose.

God’s will on God’s time is always God’s best for us.

Whether you’re waiting for a spouse, a new job, a better diagnosis, the treatments to start working, or even something smaller like a test grade, God always has a reason for our waiting. In Romans 8:28, God promises to work all things for our good. Because of that promise we can take heart in knowing that God’s will on God’s time is always God’s best for us.

Noah and his family probably didn’t want to wait to get what God had promised them any more than we want to wait on things today, but their obedience led to blessings later.


  • What is one thing you are waiting on God for?
  • What is one time you have seen God’s timing work out for the best?
  • What step can you take today to remember God’s promises, and trust Him while you wait?

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