Session 27

Don’t let temptation win

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional


Genesis 34

What tempts us is unique to each of us. It could be anything from our desire to spread gossip at work to having lustful thoughts when an attractive woman walks by. When temptation wins, we give sin a place to come and spread its destruction in our lives.

The story of Shechem and Dinah in Genesis 34 shows how sin devours us if we give into temptation. Genesis 34:2 says when Shechem saw Dinah, “he took her and raped her.” Shechem, lacking in self-control, gave into a temptation that would set the scene for destruction he never expected. James 1:15 drives this point home saying, “Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.”

When facing temptation, we can look to Jesus as an example. With every temptation Satan threw at Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus responded with Scripture (Matthew 4:1-11). The more we dig into the Bible, the more we can speak truth to ourselves in times of temptation.

If temptation keeps winning in an area of our life, Jesus says, in Matthew 5:29, to fully eliminate that which is causing us to sin. This may sound drastic, but sin devouring us is nothing to take lightly. Shechem gives us great motivation for making sure we overcome our pitfalls.

Being tempted does not make us bad people. After all, Jesus was tempted in every way possible, yet he never sinned (Hebrews 4:15). The moment we realize temptation is creeping in, we can remember that Jesus has been there. He knows exactly what we are dealing with in that very moment and He will fight for us if we let Him.


  • In what situation do you find yourself tempted the most?
  • What is one way you can avoid those situations altogether?
  • What plan can you make to help you resist future temptation?

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