Session 42

God has a question for you

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional

We’ve all stood in Adam’s shoes, thinking we’re getting away with something that doesn’t seem too bad. Our stomach’s in knots, and fear and guilt swell up inside us. Like Adam and Eve, we want to do our own thing, our own way. Sometimes, we want to be liberated from parents, bosses, or any other authority who says, “No!”

But, when Adam and Eve tried to make it without God’s authority, the best they came up with was sewing dead leaves together to cover up sins. They hid in a bush, blaming God and others for their deliberate rebellion.

Fortunately, God didn’t leave Adam and Eve in their predicament. He pursued Adam, even in his rebellion and asked him the same question He is asking us: “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9). God knew Adam’s location, but He wanted Adam to realize where he was spiritually.

Without God, our best thinking, on our best day, leads to dead-end living. 

Without God, our best thinking, on our best day, leads to dead-end living. Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Someone had to die for our sins. So, foreshadowing Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, God sacrificed an animal and replaced Adam and Eve’s leaves with skins (Genesis 3:21). Animal sacrifice continued until Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross by substituting His life for our sins (Isaiah 53:4-7). God forgives our sins and gives us life when we declare Jesus our Lord.

God’s still asking, “Where are you?” We have a choice. We can continue hiding and trying to fix our own sin problem. Or, we can step into the light, and let Jesus fix it for us. He’s the only one with the power to do it.


  • How would you answer God asking, “Where are you?”
  • What is one sin you need to confess that you are trying to “manage” yourself?
  • Has there been a moment when you stopped hiding, confessed your sin to Jesus, and asked Him into your life? If not, you can do it today.

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