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God wants a relationship with you

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional

One of the “superstar” families of the Bible would have to be Abraham, his wife Sarah, their maid Hagar, and their children, Isaac and Ishmael. Abraham was a wealthy man. More importantly, Abraham was a man of God with a strong faith.

In Genesis 17, the Lord comes to Abraham and establishes a covenant with him. Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, would have heard the tremendous stories of faith and trust in God by his grandfather and his father, Isaac (Genesis 22). Jacob’s family would have learned early on to give thanks to God for His provision and faithfulness.

Despite Jacob’s God-fearing family, a relationship with God was not automatic. In Genesis 28:10-15, God reaches out individually to Jacob to establish a personal relationship with him and offers the covenant promise he gave to Abraham and Isaac. It was not enough to be Abraham’s grandson; Jacob had to establish his own personal relationship with God.

The same is true for us today. Our salvation does not occur by being raised in the church, attending youth group, knowing Bible stories, or having parents or a spouse with great faith. We are saved through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Just as God sought out Abraham and Jacob, He seeks to have a personal relationship with you. God has a personalized plan for your life and it begins when you believe and accept Him into your heart (Romans 10:9).


  • How would you describe what it means to have a personal relationship with someone?
  • Would you say you have a personal relationship with God? Why or why not?
  • If you have never trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you can start a relationship with Him today.

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