Session 16

Put your belief into practice

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional

A group of children dare their friend to climb to the top of the highest tree in the park. Everyone thinks this is a great idea—except the climber.

Have you ever thought something was a great idea until you’re the one elected to carry it out? Life’s big trees have a way of becoming bigger when we have to find the courage to face them ourselves.

It’s one thing to believe. It’s another to act on that belief. It’s easy to talk about God’s promises, but when push comes to shove, do we really trust Him?

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Abraham obeyed. God kept His promise to miraculously give him that son in Genesis 21:1-7, so Abraham trusted Him. He chose to remember that and obey. At the last minute, God stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, but imagine the confusion and fear he must have felt leading up to that.

Obedience opens us up to receive God’s blessings. 

Abraham didn’t just say he believed God, he acted on that belief. Our desire to do what God calls us to do shows our faith (James 2:18-24). And, like Abraham, our obedience opens us up to receive God’s blessings (Genesis 22:15-19).

This type of surrender is difficult because we don’t want to give up control. We think following God means losing freedom. But, refusing to surrender doesn’t allow us to “keep” freedom, it restricts us from being fully open to receive God’s goodness. When we surrender our lives to God, He will lead us to a life of fulfillment and freedom.

God doesn't want to take things from us; He wants to bless us. He only gives good gifts (Matthew 7:11). What if what’s hindering us from fulfillment is our unwillingness to put God first in certain areas of life? We can choose freedom and toss restrictions to the curb. That choice starts with obedience.


  • Is there an area of your life where you struggle to put God first?
  • How might surrendering that to God give you freedom rather than restrict your freedom?
  • What is one step you can take today to obey God in that area?

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