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What to do when God seems to be taking His time

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional

Have you ever wanted something so badly you had to get your hands on it before it was released? Maybe, it was getting the newest iPhone before anyone else. Maybe, it was the newest PlayStation or car. Whatever it was, we've all had something in our lives we wanted to have before its appointed time of release.

In Genesis 16, Sarai and Abram were desperate for the child God promised them. God had told Abram that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky (Genesis 15:5). But in Genesis 16:1-4, Sarai decided to take matters into her own hands instead of waiting on God’s timing. She convinced Abram to get her servant Hagar pregnant. Out of this impatience and lack of faith came a long series of problems—beginning with a broken relationship between Sarai and Hagar in Genesis 16:5-6.

Time is the greatest test of our willingness to let God work in our lives.

When we attempt to take over for God and make His promises come true, problems inevitably follow. Time is the greatest test of our willingness to let God work in our lives. It's not a question of if God will do what He said. The real question is this: Will we trust Him enough to wait for Him to deliver on His promise?

God keeps His promise to Abram throughout the rest of Genesis. It just wasn’t in the timing that Abram and Sarai wanted.

It may not be in the way and the time we want, but God will always fulfill His promises in His way and in His time. The challenge for us is to trust Him enough to wait. Because if we do, it will be so much more than we could ever dream (Ephesians 3:20).


  • Is there something you are having trouble trusting God will do?
  • Can you remember a time when God fulfilled His promise? The biggest predictor of God's future faithfulness is His past provision. Take some time today to reflect on God's past provisions in your life and to look forward to His future faithfulness.

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