Session 19

When opportunity comes, opposition often follows

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional


Genesis 26

It’s easy to follow Jesus when life is full of open doors and opportunity. But, what about when we face obstacles and opposition—we lose our job, we’re rejected by someone we love, we can’t have a child? Is God still in control when our lives seem to be falling apart?

In Genesis 26, Isaac may have wondered the same thing. As he tried to settle in the land God had promised his family (Genesis 26:1-6), Isaac faced repeated opposition. He was forced to move once he became prosperous (Genesis 26:16). Every time he worked to settle into a new place, his efforts were thwarted by the hostility of others (Genesis 26:17-21).

Isaac could have felt defeated and abandoned. He had done what God told him to do, yet his circumstances didn’t seem like they were lining up with God’s promise to give his descendants the land (Genesis 26:3).

Isn’t that how we feel sometimes—that God is not coming through for us? That following Him isn’t paying off, and it would be easier to give up?

But Isaac didn’t give up on God. And, neither should we.  

As Isaac continued to follow and trust God’s plan, God proved Himself faithful to keep His promise. God ultimately used those closed doors in Isaac’s life to direct Isaac to exactly where he was supposed to be (Genesis 26:28-32).

Even when we are sold out to following Jesus, we aren’t guaranteed a life full of open doors. We will still experience obstacles and opposition; disappointment and loss; hostility and heartache.

But, as long as we continue to trust and follow the Lord, we can be confident that He is in control of our circumstances. He will use even our greatest disappointments to drive us closer to our own lands of promise.


  • What is one closed door, disappointment, or obstacle in your life that God has used to set you up for a future opportunity?
  • What can you do to demonstrate your trust in God when it feels as if He is letting you down?

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