When each day brings reports of war breaking out, corruption going unpunished, and natural disasters devastating communities, we can find ourselves wondering: Where was God when that happened? Why ... Read More

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Session 1

Where are you, God?

Cancer steals the ones we love. Babies die before they get a chance to live. Police officers are charged with murder. People riot in the ...

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Session 2

When it hits the fan

It’s been a month — maybe two — since it all started going south.  The debt was manageable in the beginning. Ther...

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Session 3

What it means to wait in expectation

Today, banks make it pretty easy to order a new debit or credit card when yours has been compromised or lost. Back in the day, people had...

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Session 4

God, why haven’t you stopped this?

We don’t have the luxury of ignoring ISIS with the news tracking every tragedy. As the violence against Christians escalates, we wo...

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Session 5

How to build a legacy that lasts

You pull into the dump with your final load of trash. The cleanup was a success, and you are ready to bask in the neatness of your newly-...

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Session 6

When the extraordinary becomes ordinary

Have you ever pulled into your parking spot at work or school and realized you can’t remember a single moment of the drive? When we...

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Session 7

When in doubt, pray it out

Too often, Christians believe everything should be easier because we are God’s people. But if you’ve followed Jesus for any l...

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