Session 2

Why looking back helps you move forward

From Jude: A 7-Day Devotional


Jude 1:5-7

Nostalgic cravings aren’t new. We take pictures, collect souvenirs, and establish traditions to remind ourselves of special relationships and events in our lives. Because let’s be honest. Some days, we need to be reminded of how much we love our spouses and families.

Just like thumbing through wedding photos can help us see how far our marriages have come, looking back at our walk with Jesus can help us see His faithfulness and provision in ways we didn’t recognize day-to-day.

In Jude 1:5-7, Jude recalls several examples of God rescuing his people and punishing people. As Jude looked back and recalled all God had done, he found the courage to face the future.   

Throughout the Old Testament, the nation of Israel built monuments and established traditions to help them remember God’s power and faithfulness (Joshua 4:20-24, Exodus 12). We, too, can keep a record of God’s work in our lives. Keeping a journal of what you’re learning in the Bible, memorizing meaningful verses, and sharing your story are all ways to draw strength for the future from what God’s done in the past.

We get so caught up with what’s happening today, we can’t see how far we’ve come. But if we collect snapshots of God’s faithfulness along the way, when troubles and doubts threaten to overwhelm us we can look back on those moments and step bravely into the future.

  • When was the last time you reflected on where you were when Jesus saved you? Take some time today to write out your story.
  • What’s one way you can collect evidence of God’s faithfulness each day?

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Why looking back helps you move forward

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