Session 7

Bold moves will humble you — and that’s a good thing

From Making Bold Moves: A 7-Day Devotional

We all know the fear and trepidation that comes when we go for the big ask. Guys practice proposing more times than they will ever admit. And when we’re asking for a raise, we rehearse the conversation before sitting down with the boss.

One reason we get so nervous is that asking makes us vulnerable. It forces us to admit we need something the other person has and to humble ourselves before them. There is a risk in asking, and facing that risk takes faith.

This was as true for the centurion in Matthew 8 as it is for us. Centurions were powerful men. To humble himself and ask Jesus to heal his servant was a bold move.

This man likely had hundreds of soldiers under his command. He could have allowed pride, distance, self-sufficiency, or any number of things to stop him from approaching Jesus. He probably played out all the reasons why Jesus could (or should) tell him no.

But because the centurion was willing to humble himself, Jesus made an example of his faith (Matthew 8:10). The centurion’s actions stood in sharp contrast to many of the religious folks Jesus met. They were so confident in their own righteousness that they didn’t think they needed Jesus. And if we’re not careful, we’ll fall into that trap, too.

The longer we follow Jesus, the easier it is to lean on our own understanding of what a Christian should do and stop asking Jesus for His help. James, Jesus’ brother, reminds us, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10).

Because of the centurion’s humility, great healing took place. What might happen in our lives when we are willing to be bold and humble ourselves before God?

  • How do you feel about asking others for help? Do you see any of those same tendencies in your relationship with God?
  • What was the last big prayer you prayed?
  • What do you need God’s help with today? Take a moment to humble yourself before Him and ask for help.

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Session 7

Bold moves will humble you — and that’s a good thing

We all know the fear and trepidation that comes when we go for the big ask. Guys practice proposing more times than they will ever admit....

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