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Psalm 119 celebrates God’s Word. Over 22 stanzas, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, you’ll be reminded of all its benefits.

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

Aleph: Learn to keep God’s words

The writer of Psalm 119 devotes 176 verses to his love of God’s words. He begins with a blessing and four times encourages us to keep God...

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Session 2

Beth: Fill up on God’s words

When something is good, really good, we can’t get enough. We store it up, savor it, talk about it, learn about it, and celebrate it. ...

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Session 3

Gimmel: God’s word is the key to wisdom

In this stanza, the writer asks God to open his eyes to the wonderful instruction and truths in God’s word. His overwhelming desire is to...

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Session 4

Daleth: God’s word is our strength

Even when the psalmist is weary with sorrow, he finds strength, peace, and comfort in the word of God. God’s words bring life to the soul...

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Session 5

He: A prayer in every breath

The fifth section of Psalm 119 is filled with desperate prayers to God: “Teach me…”“Give me…”“Lead me…” The fifth letter of the...

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Session 6

Waw: The story of salvation

The eight lines of Waw paint the story of salvation and growth in Christ. Like a seed in fertile ground, God’s love is planted in ou...

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Session 7

Zayin: Faithfulness over feelings

God’s words help us remain faithful when our feelings might lead us astray. His words are royal decrees, like crowns on our heads that re...

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Session 8

Heth: Walk with people of the Word

The psalmist remembers his promise to keep God’s word, even when people try to drag him into sin. When others tempt us down a different p...

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Session 9

Teth: Your anchor during difficulty

Hardship is a guarantee in this life. We can’t avoid it, but we can choose how we respond to it. When suffering comes, we can be angry wi...

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Session 10

Yodh: Delighting in the rules

Rules often feel restrictive. Here, the psalmist speaks of his confidence that the Lord’s rules are righteous. Far from boxing us in...

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Session 11

Kaph: Our hope when we’re desperate

When instability and uncertainty swirl like a tornado, we remain anchored in a place of peace. How grateful we are for the Lord’s words t...

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Session 12

Lamedh: Bread for our souls

We want God’s word to sustain us in difficult times. But like the food we eat, what we feed our souls matters. We get what we put in.&nbs...

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Session 13

Mem: Be the wisest person in the room

God’s words give us all the wisdom we’ll ever need to live a satisfying life and please Him. His words can make us wiser than our peers, ...

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Session 14

Nun: Light for the darkest days

God’s words provide light when life seems dire and dark. His laws and rules give clear guidance about what to do in any given situation. ...

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Session 15

Samekh: God’s words protect us

God’s word keeps us from aligning with the double-minded and the wicked. He gives us His word as a shield to keep us safe. The fear of Go...

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Session 16

Ayin: God’s word is just

God’s word is just. We call on the Lord to show us how to act when His law has been broken. When we are oppressed, we are tempted to seek...

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Session 17

Pe: The answers are in God’s word

Sin and brokenness should move us to tears. Our sin, and the sins of others, should bother us. Through His word, God has revealed th...

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Session 18

Qoph: Hold nothing back

Honest communication is important in every relationship. With all his heart, the psalmist holds nothing back from God. He shares everythi...

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Session 19

Resh: God will deliver us

The psalmist focuses on gratitude to the Lord. He has redeemed us, forgiven us, and given us life. God gives us life according to His pro...

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Session 20

Tsadhe: You can trust God’s perfect rules

God’s righteousness never changes; nothing we do can alter His goodness. Unlike the world’s rules, the Lord’s rules are always right and ...

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Session 21

Sin and Shin: How to know what’s true

Through God’s words, we learn to love truth and hate falsehood. Those who love God’s word find great peace and will not stumble. But we m...

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Session 22

Taw: Help me understand

The psalmist cries for understanding God’s words. He cries out for deliverance. Desperation and worship pour out as he praises the Lord’s...

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