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Pray for salvation, freedom, purpose, and family

From Teach Us To Pray: A 21-Day Prayer Guide

In Exodus 6, God promises to save Israel from slavery. He promises to free them and redeem them, to make them His people and bring them into a new land. So many years later, we read the rest of the Old Testament and see God was faithful to keep His promises. 

God is extending the same promises to us today. He wants us to save us from sin, free us from the past, fill our lives with purpose, and make us His family. These promises are on offer to anyone who will take Him up on them. 

As you pray today, think about what these promises mean to you as well as to your family, your school, your neighborhood, your workplace. What would it look like for the people closest to you to also be saved, freed, filled with purpose, and brought into His family? 

  • When’s the last time you thanked God for saving you? Think about what it cost Him and all the ways your life has changed since you started a relationship with Jesus. 
  • What has God set you free from? 
  • How has knowing God and understanding the unique way He’s gifted you given your life meaning and purpose?
  • What are some benefits and rights you now hold as a member of His family?


  • 2 Corinthians 1:20 says that every promise of God is ours through Jesus. Are there any promises you’re leaving on the table?
  • Are there areas of your life where you’ve given up on experiencing freedom?
  • Are there any promises you’ve given up on believing? 
  • Ask God, “What is my next step? Which promises do I need to believe?”
  • Who do you know who needs to step into these promises? Take a few minutes to ask God to show that person that He is trustworthy, and His promises are true. 
  • Try reading Exodus 6:6-8 again, but make it personal this time. Insert your name in place of “the Israelites.” Insert your bondage in place of “the Egyptians.” Replace “the land” with that promise you struggle to believe. 
  • How does hearing God’s words addressed to you change your understanding of who He is to you? 

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