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Pray for your future

From Teach Us To Pray: A 21-Day Prayer Guide

We can spend a lot of time, money, and energy on things that are fun but won’t matter in eternity. Just think how many things you loved or stressed over at 12 that seem trivial now. 

Jesus teaches us to build our lives around what will last — His Word, His kingdom, His promises. Throughout our lives, we will have many opportunities to be involved in good things. But it’s the eternal things that will last after our time on earth ends. 

As you look to the future, remember: God has a greater plan and purpose than what we can comprehend. He is a God of generations, and if we follow His lead, we’ll discover a life of meaning and purpose and leave a legacy. 

  • Who are the people who have invested in you spiritually?
  • Does your family have a long history of following Jesus? How have you seen faith passed down from generation to generation? 
  • What does it tell you about God to know that, from the beginning of time to now, He has never stopped pursuing a relationship with His people?
  • How involved is God in the decisions you’re making for the future?
  • If you died today, what would you be known for? Are those the things you want to be remembered for?
  • Is there anything you’ve been building or planning for the future that you know is not what God wants for you?
  • Are there God-given dreams where you’re lacking clarity or guidance?
  • Is there a big decision you need to make soon? Have you asked God what He would have you do?
  • God has a plan for your life. His plans are good and can be trusted. Allow God to speak to you about the person He has designed, called, and equipped you to be. Write down any words or images as they come. 

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