Titus, a young church leader in Crete, faced many of the same leadership struggles we face today: How do I keep everyone focused on the goal we’re trying to reach? Who can I trust to lighten ... Read More

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Session 1

Waiting is the hardest part

When you’re waiting for something, God’s perfect timing can often feel like a torture device or an empty phrase people resort...

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Session 2

Leadership is not about position

There it is: the perfect job. It’s the one you’ve dreamed about, prepared for and always wanted. It’s there in the ad, ...

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Session 3

Being religious doesn’t make you good

Religious people are bad. They are ready to tell everyone else what they're doing wrong. They proclaim the reasons others will never ...

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Session 4

There is freedom in self-control

Imagine for a moment we are living in a world where adults are not potty trained. Eww. We all need to be grateful that as we grew up some...

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Session 5

What kind of example are you leaving?

Remember playing “Follow the Leader” in elementary school? The premise was simple: Everyone walked around in a single file l...

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Session 6

Why do what’s right?

You’ve seen the scenario play out in a movie. One character saves the other from a potential tragedy, and the saved spends the rest...

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Session 7

Don’t throw your influence under the bus

How dare they. They threw you under the bus, again. You have always been nice to them, going out of your way to help them with their wor...

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Session 8

You’re not on your own

Try to lift a pickup truck on your own with your bare hands. Can’t do it? Think it's crazy to be asked to do something you...

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