Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” — Jeremiah 17:7-8

The Overflow Offering is an annual opportunity to give from the overflow of what God has given us. This isn’t a specific percentage or dollar amount; instead, it’s a conviction from the Holy Spirit!

We believe it’s time to put our campuses in permanent homes—starting with the Aiken Campus.

Watch the video below to learn more from Aiken Campus Pastor Matt Steelman.

Since launching in June 2015, NewSpring Aiken has borrowed or leased four locations over the past six years. We’ve seen 192 people make decisions to accept Jesus, and 303 people have been baptized! 

Aiken, SC has a population of over 31,000 people and has been named one of the best towns for Boomers and young people. Your gift to the Overflow Offering will give NewSpring Aiken a permanent home in the heart of this growing city.

Jesus promises us life to the full. But what does it look like? Find answers to this question and more as we look at what Scripture says about the overflowing life.

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“NewSpring Aiken set my foundation for a relationship with Jesus. They showed me how to navigate the realness of life and live in my identity in Christ. I left for college a completely different person than I came in as because of the people at Aiken Campus.”

—Hailey Sparks

“NewSpring Aiken provided a place where my family and I can continue to learn and grow in Jesus. We feel a sense of belonging here with Christ-centered people who desire a closer relationship with Him. We’re so grateful that NewSpring Aiken is such a representation of God’s love in our community!”

—Justin Glessner

“For the first time, my husband and I found ourselves looking for a church home. Up until then, we had always attended whenever my husband served in vocational ministry. That’s when we said ‘yes’ to NewSpring Aiken. It's a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in Aiken through NewSpring Church. I’m so grateful for KidSpring and how the ministry has poured into my girls, sharing Jesus on their level. Through each week’s message, home group, women’s gathering, mentoring session, and more, I’m encouraged and challenged in my everyday relationship with Christ. NewSpring Aiken is a special place, and I’m thankful to call it home.”

—Brooke Storey

“Aiken was instrumental in helping me build the foundation I stand on now. If it wasn't for the impact of Matt Steelman and the people at the Aiken Campus on my life, I wouldn't have found a lifelong friend, my soon-to-be wife, or my call to full-time ministry. The Aiken Campus completely changed everything in my life for the better!”

—Cody Boynton

Overflow Devotionals

Session 1

What it looks like to be filled and overflowing

When you picture overflow, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of coffee spilling over the edges of a mug, water flowing over a dam, or...

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Session 2

This is a story of overflowing love

Have you ever loved someone so much you just couldn’t hold it back?Your cheeks flush when she laughs at your jokes. You erupt in cheers w...

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Session 3

Are you becoming more like your Dad?

Advertising teaches that change happens from the outside in. Imitate this person’s style or actions, and you’ll be loved, beautiful, at p...

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Session 4

Will you trust God to provide?

Who do we trust when life is difficult? Where do we turn when the bills pile up, a relationship is struggling, or a friend is in pain?Mos...

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Session 5

What if you already have what you need?

“Once I pay off my student loan and get a better job, I’ll start being generous.”“When I have a bigger house, I will lead a group.”“I jus...

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Session 6

Your little bit matters more than you think

Perhaps trying to be funny, Andrew suggests feeding over 5,000 people with a little boy’s lunch. Imagine his surprise when Jesus says, “h...

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Session 7

What motivates you to give?

It’s easy to share when we have lots to give. But how generous are we when there’s one brownie left in the pan? You know it’s love when y...

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Session 8

Pain can be the path to an overflowing life

Rarely do we record the hard parts of a journey. Often we rush through the valleys in favor of the mountain tops.In the same way, we like...

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Session 9

Holding on to what you have holds you back

There are two well-known seas in Israel, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The Sea of Galilee teems with life and brings life to the c...

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Session 10

Servants see what happens behind the scenes

Jesus’ mother came to Him with a problem. Mary knew her son was no ordinary man. He was God’s Son, the divine living among them (Luke 2:2...

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Session 11

We have much to be thankful for

Temper tantrums are never pretty. The screaming, crying, and flailing on the ground happens because children want something they can’t ha...

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Session 12

What motivates someone to give Jesus everything?

Mary didn’t light up the room with a candle or sing a beautiful song. She broke open a container of perfume, and the fragrance filled the...

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Session 13

An overflowing life is a rich life

Generosity moves us to be generous. When someone does something kind for you, you want to do something kind in return. Even if the person...

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Session 14

It’s normal to be awestruck by how good God is

How wild is it that we get to call God “ours”? He is our God. Psalm 118:28 says, “God, You are my God, and I will give you thanks.”None o...

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