What If I Said No?

Keri Morgan struggled in her daily intimacy with Jesus for years until a simple act of obedience changed her life

I thought I was in a good place.

I had experienced God’s abundant life in so many ways since I had received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 2004. My husband and I served. We gave financially to NewSpring. We were part of a small group.  But one thing still was missing: I wanted to have daily time with Jesus, but having a devoted and consistent quiet time was a struggle.

A moment of obedience

God knew what I needed. One Sunday, I heard him ask me to volunteer at the Gauntlet. I remember that day as if it was a photograph, freeze-framed in my mind.  My response was an immediate "yes." And the obedience of that moment has permanently changed my life and my relationship with God and His word.

At the Gauntlet, I met a woman who radiated love for Christ and spoke about Him as if He were her best friend. I wanted that intimacy. We ended up on the same bus home together, and she suggested a Bible study that changed and shaped not only her, but an entire small group of other women.

Jesus never let up on increasing my faith

After returning home, God led me to propose this study in MY group. He said "You are to go on this journey with me using this bible study that will require of you an intense quiet time 5 days a week for 10 weeks and you will lead it!"

Going from not having a regular quiet time to leading others was quite a stretch, but usually our next steps are! The Lord never let up on increasing my faith. The study changed my heart and others in the group. Every woman gained trust to just believe God - for who He is, what He can do, who we are and what we can do in Christ! The impact was so profound and life altering, it even affected our husbands.

A hunger to know Him

One woman, who would never have stepped out and led a home group committed to lead one with her husband. Two other women, whose husbands were considering work moves to other cities, were suddenly more open to change where once they had been terrified.

Far more than that, I can go to the Bible myself now and the Lord speaks to me! I had never before been aware of God's voice or guidance personally in His word. Had it not been for that Bible study, I also never would have been confident enough to write my own Bible study and devotional materials for our church's Discipleship team.

The reward of faith

I now desire time with just me and Jesus each day. I hunger to know Him more and have a heart like His. And I am pursuing his will for my life through a role in full-time ministry. I also returned to serve at the Gauntlet two consecutive years to help others experience that transforming energy.

What if I had hesitated, or even worse said no that day to His call to volunteer at the Gauntlet? What if I had never gone on the trip, never met my friend, and never accepted the challenge of doing the study? So many blessings and so much growth may never have been experienced by not just me but others.

Through acts of obedience and stepping out on faith, we position ourselves to see God's faithfulness in a special way! It is always worth serving Him through obedience. Always.

Sharing your story is a simple and powerful way to tell people about Jesus.

Sharing your story is a simple and powerful way to tell people about Jesus. By talking about what Jesus has done for you, it’s like joining a conversation God is already having with them.