Sermon Series

Bold Ones

Jan 31, 2024

students bold moves confidence

What does it mean for students to have bold faith? How do they live boldly in the world today and what can we learn from the story of the...

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Sermon Series

Everyday Prayer

Jan 3, 2024

students prayer

What is an everyday relationship with God? Why does it matter that we know God intimately and how do we get there? 

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6 powerful ways to pray for students heading back to school

students prayer parenting

Summer is coming to an end, and “Back to School” time is here! In the midst of all the emotions and shopping for supplies, don’t forget h...

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July 25, 2021

family students kids

Our God is the God of every generation. What legacy has been left to us, and what legacy are we leaving behind?

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Prayers for the Next Generation: A 14-Day Prayer Guide

students children parenting college kidspring

We worship a generational God, and NewSpring is a generational church. Use this guide to pray specifically for kids, students, and young ...

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Can the Gauntlet wave keep rolling at home?

community students church relationships

It’s hard to believe, but Gauntlet has come and gone. If you have a student who attended, you may have been concerned when yo...

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How to make sure your kids’ summer break isn’t a break from Jesus

family students children discipleship

The long-anticipated days of summer break are finally here! The pace of life is slowing as priorities shift to include maximizing the lon...

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What to remember when you open a college rejection letter

students planning dreams

It’s college acceptance season, which means YouTube and Facebook are overflowing with videos of teens crying, jumping, and wailing ...

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Gauntlet turned my strange new world inside out

April 17, 2018

community students promises gauntlet discipleship

At the summer Fuse event, Michael Corcione discovered the difference community makes. Press play for his baptism video.

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This staggering Gauntlet story is what it’s all about

April 8, 2018

evangelism students salvation inviting

Gauntlet was the first time Carious Staggers experienced intimacy with God. Years later, the impact of that encounter is still being felt.

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