What To Do When You Don’t See Jesus

resurrection doubt jesus

There are times in your life when you just cannot see Jesus.  The cares and worries you face each day seem to obscure your view of ...

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Stephanie wanted a baby, but Jesus wanted so much more

trust doubt parenting infertility

Stephanie Robins struggled with doubt and fear that she would never conceive a child. This is her story in her own words ...

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God doesn’t give white elephants

salvation doubt unbelief grace

White elephant gift exchanges always end badly.   The way the game works, everyone brings a gift then you draw numbers to see who g...

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Can I Lose My Salvation? Sermon in 60 Seconds

salvation doubt holy spirit

Check out this 1 minute clip from Clayton King on "Can I lose my salvation?" You can't lose your salvation if it's really real. ...

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