A Guide to Fasting

prayer self control fasting

“Then John’s disciples came and asked him, ‘How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast?’ Jesus answer...

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Sermon Series

Everyday Prayer

jesus prayer fasting

We want to be followers of Jesus who produce fruit, so we commit to the everyday practices of Bible reading, gratitude, and prayer.

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40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Guide

healing church prayer fasting

Healing in our land starts with healing in our hearts. Take encouragement in each day’s call to prayer. Then, read the verses and prompts...

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What is fasting and why do Christians do it?

discipline bible prayer fasting

Maybe you’ve skipped meals to lose weight or even simply because you’re too busy or tired to cook, but that’s not fasti...

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A Guide for Feasting at Home

celebration prayer fasting

Take this celebration to your home. Do this with whoever you call family — your group, your children, your friends, your family. &nb...

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Why do Christians fast for Lent?

prayer easter fasting

A major religious observance is happening, and many of us probably never noticed. Lent is the six-week period leading up to Easter. If y...

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