What Y2K Can Teach Us About Following Jesus

evangelism fear end times

Remember the days and weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve 1999? I was only 7, but I remember that night clearly. My cousins told me ...

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#FOMO wrecked the earth

trust obedience fear

#FOMO existed way before Twitter and way before hashtags were a thing. Fear of missing out, or #FOMO, was real for Adam and Eve and it cr...

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Winning attention was Jill’s art but that was before she saw the bigger picture

freedom joy purpose fear jealousy

Jill Strickland was living a life dominated by insecurity and fear and came to learn just how valuable she is. This is her story in her o...

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Miss It or Make It, You Have To Take It

trust success failure faith fear

Opportunity is a funny thing.  Sometimes you can see it coming a mile away.  You have time to prepare for it, you have time to ...

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How will you change the world?

obedience faith purpose fear

Never underestimate the impact of your obedience. Ananias’ prayer changed the world forever. Saul, a former murderer of Christians,...

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Hesitating with God

fear decision making

Have you ever hesitated on a decision even when you knew it was the right thing to do?  Maybe you were set in your ways or you just ...

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 6

July 26, 2012

church responsibility fear gauntlet

Brad finishes up our talk on the Church and what it means to you with this message on being fearless.

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